Sep. 19 - The KEYS demonstrations are progressing well

Our work on the demonstrations is progressing successfully. In July 2019, further coordination for the Steinhardt demonstrations was carried out. In September the NIVUS equipment was handed over in Beijing sustained by training measures and a large workshop on online-monitoring.



July 2019: The Econet-onitor has published a bilingual article describing the German-Chinese cooperation in KEYS. Click here to get/read the issue.


Jul. 19 - Successful commissioning of the MBR in Shenzhen

能科技 - 城市流域水资源的可持续管理 - 海绵城市

KEYS stands for Smart Technologies for Sustainable Water Management in urban Catchments as Key Contribution to Sponge Cities. KEYS addresses the topic of Sponge City and is the German contribution to the Chinese Mega Water Project "Sponge City Tongzhou", which is being implemented by Tsinghua University and numerous further partners in Beijing.

In the context of Research for Sustainability (German FONA Programme), KEYS is an expression of the continuation of the successful technical-scientific cooperation between China and Germany in the field of urban water management. The project is implemented in close cooperation with the School of Environment at Tsinghua University and strengthens the scientific ties. The strong network of science and industry as well as the local demonstrations make a significant contribution to ensuring that young scientists have the opportunity to obtain qualifications and that the participating companies can further improve their market access in China.


KEYS Kick-off in Beijing

On Nov 1st and 2nd, 2018 the KEYS Kick-Off was held in Beijing.

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National KEYS Kick-Off in Hannover

On September 10th, 2018 the national KEYS Kick-Off took place in Hannover.