Nov. 19 - KEYS First Results Workshop


On November 5th, 2019 KEYS’ “First Results Workshop” & the “Mid-Term Meeting” took place in Beijing. German and Chinese partners spent the whole day together in discussing the results and concrete plans for the second half of the project in detail. As part of KEYS’ Demonstrations the R&D activities of the Company STEINHARDT und NIVUS drew the attentions from the audience again. The Company STEINHARDT has introduced how to apply their technologies of HydroGuard® and HydroTwister® into the Chinese Mega Water Project "Sponge City Tongzhou" (Beijing). Since the Company NIVUS has installed Flow Meters and Rain Gauges in Tongzhou in July 2019, they were able to present and share the data collected until November 2019 during the meeting. Other results of KEYS regarding Retention Soil Filters, Sponge City Elements and Waste Water Treatment Modelling have been presented und triggered further discussions between partners from both countries. In the afternoon session two workshops focusing on topics of “Sponge City” and “Waste Water Treatment Modelling” have been organized, in order to improve the further implementation steps of KEYS to the current and real situation in China. The KEYS project succeeds in keeping pace with the rapid development in China and works closely with the Chinese partners to make a great visible contribution to the Sponge City Development in Tongzhou (Beijing).

Sep. 19 - The KEYS demonstrations are progressing well

Our work on the demonstrations is progressing successfully. In July 2019, further coordination for the Steinhardt demonstrations was carried out. In September the NIVUS equipment was handed over in Beijing sustained by training measures and a large workshop on online-monitoring.



July 2019: The Econet-onitor has published a bilingual article describing the German-Chinese cooperation in KEYS. Click here to get/read the issue.


KEYS Kick-off in Beijing

On Nov 1st and 2nd, 2018 the KEYS Kick-Off was held in Beijing.

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National KEYS Kick-Off in Hannover

On September 10th, 2018 the national KEYS Kick-Off took place in Hannover.

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